The Sustainable MotoExpo:

 Following the fast moving developments in the world of The Sustainable MotoExpo , working along side low carbon motorsport and low carbon automotive development,  we’ve taken the decision not to delivery any live event work in 2014.

The opportunities and products that our partners have been developing – and which we were planning to showcase – have been evolving very fast and in some cases have had shifting production schedules and sensitive technologies and schedules that has made it impossible for us to present them in a live event.

The low carbon motorsport “landscape” is changing fast with Formula E coming and with the opportunities that will be created by the forthcoming changes in Road Closure legislation for motorsport that have been pioneered by the MSA.  Likewise, low  carbon automotive development is moving at an astonishing pace.

We have taken the decision for 2014 to focus on supporting our partners and understanding the best way to deliver compelling events in the world of Low Carbon Motorsport and automotive in the future.

The future event(s) will be publicised in local and national media when we announce them, along with social media.  We look forward to telling you about the future plans and seeing you at the events.

Meanwhile, if you have questions, thoughts or ideas about what you would like The Sustainable MotoExpo to look like, then please contact our event production team at Event & Management Services on 01242 24544 or email us on:

Thankyou for your interest and support over the last three years development of The Sustainable MotoExpo……  the story continues and we look forward to telling you about it soon!